Saturday, March 14, 2009

Obama & Citizen centered government - Part 1

Citizen centered government in simple terms:
Allows citizens to actively participate in government policy making and reduces the gap between what they want and what the government delivers them.

How is citizen centered government different from democracy?
Democracy = People vote to a candidate - whom they think has the right ideas/vision to run to government

Citizen centered government = People participate in formulating the right ideas/vision for the country with the right candidate/leader

Can this happen in a government setting?
Yes. I see it as a new culture than just a method. Like we have jury system in courts in US.

How did Obama used citizen centered design for his successful presidential campaign in 2009?
I have been following Obama's presidential campaign from its initial days(CNN+Youtube questions) and liked the way he engaged different segments of citizens in his campaign.

1. Communities
He created a website which has a My Account section to enable people create/join communities in their area.

2. New Avenues for Participation
He created new avenues for people to participate in formulating the blueprint for his election campaign through his online profiles at Linkedin, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube to name a few.

3. Turning citizens into advocates
He created groups & engaging interactions with business community, students, factory workers, industry leaders to name a few.

Part II will continue.....

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