Saturday, March 07, 2009

Not every big problem require big solution!

Here is an real life example: I was working on re-engineering a customer portal and one of the key issues reported was - the customer support team got about x number of calls(in thousands) last year just to reset the password for the online account.

This problem was spoken in two different discussions and got to be fixed to reduce the number of calls to customer support officers....and I was wondering why it was a such a big issue. I was thinking there should be a way out to fix this problem - either by allowing the customer to reset the password online with a security question or email them a new password.

So - just before recommending the solution - I did a quick walk through of the reset password pages to find out the problem and guess what I found in the first step of the reset password page? A message which says - contact customer support number to reset the password the top of the page :-)

And the solution to fix thousands of customer support calls is to simply remove the support phone number from the first step of the reset password flow and display only the customer fails to retrieve it online...

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