Monday, September 17, 2007

Example of Good User Experience in Banking Industry

I recently applied for a credit card online with 2 major banks(Chase and Bank of America here in United States and planning to share my experience here. Since I am moved recently I pretty much don't have a credit score record for my ssn. I understood that you credit score plays a major role in obtaining a credit card pretty much with any bank here in USA.

Experience A:

Within couple of days from date I applied for the credit card online - I recieved a letter from Chase saying the they are unable to issue a credit card due to unavailability of my credit score. End of the story which is pretty much I expected when I applied with them.

Experience B:

I recieved a letter from Bank of America mentioning they are unable to approve a credit card but based on my profile they have pre-approved my secure credit card(application/steps to completed them) with BOA. Secure credit cards are issued for residents with no credit record and you can build you credit score using the same by spending and paying back the bills on time. It was a pleasant experience where the bank is ready to help me building a credit and move towards my goal which is to get a unsecured credit card(like any other residents with credit score)


I am thinking of going with Secured Credit offer with Bank of America than applying for one in Chase. I guess this is a good example where banks/any other organization serving customers can work and improve their processes to build a good experience and inturn convert a prospect into a customer.


Muthu Kumar - R
Senior User Exprience Analyst

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Dhwanit Saxena said...

Nice Info.
See, how brave Indian banks are. Now a days, even a fresh college pass out holds a credit card.