Monday, May 28, 2007

Software Review : AXURE

I recently started using a new prototyping tool called AXURE ( and wanted to share my experience here.

Fast Facts:
Launched in Jan 2003
Current Version: Axure RP Pro 4
Single User License: $589/Year

Trial Version: Available for 30 days (Download)
Demo available ( Flash Tour )

Contact number: +1 (800) 903 4152

Axure can be used to create:

--> Wireframes (Even clickstreams)
--> Flow Diagrams (Which can be be linked to pages in clickstream)
--> Specifications (Most interesting thing)

Target Users:
--> Business analysts
--> Information architects
--> Usability experts
--> Product managers, and
--> IT consultants

Key Features:
--> Rapid creation of wireframes using built-in widgets (we call it stencils in Visio)
--> Fastastic annotation capabilities
--> Easy to create linkage between pages to create clickstreams
--> Exporting wireframes into html pages
--> Master templates for reusable components
--> Creating specifications document after completing the wireframe definition

Most importantly the learning curve is too less compared to other prototyping tools for UX professionals as well as business analysts to get started and using the application.

If you are thinking of an alternate to Visio to create rapid prototypes - then axure will be one of the perfect solutions for your business.

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WenInTheUs said...

There are some other less expensive, yet just as good, alternatives for wireframing software. Of course there's OmniGraffle for the Mac, and there's also Oversite for the Mac and PC.