Sunday, January 21, 2007

Running Against Time!!!
My Trip to New York from Hyderabad

14 Jan 2007

06:00 AM IST Checked in to Hyderabad Airport for my domestic flight to New Delhi.

06:40 AM IST WoW - IA Flight started on time

06:45 AM IST Oh NO.....Heard a weird sound from the bottom of the air craft

06:50 AM IST Pilot of IA regrets to announce that there is some minor technical problem and drives into workshop

07:10 AM IST Flight Engineers working on the issue and still no Improvement with fixing the problem.

07:20 AM IST Am calling Naveed and asking him to check for other flights from Hyderabad to Delhi since I donot want to miss my Connection Flight in Delhi

07:30 AM IST Naveed said Jet Airways flies to Delhi at 8:30 AM and they can allow me if I get into ticket counter in 20 mins.

07:45 AM IST Still Indian Airlines Engineers trying to fix the problem and I called one of the IA Crew members to check the status

07:50 AM IST Am trying to find my way out from the Indian Airlines aircraft but not successful

08:00 AM IST Finally - Indian Airlines started flying on the Indian skies towards Delhi

08:20 AM IST Served with Pongal and Vada

08:45 AM IST Been informed to move into Business class so that I can move faster on reaching Delhi

08:45 AM IST An inflight executive from IA says they have informed the people in Delhi Airport to get me out to the International Airport faster...WoW - What a Customer Service!!!

10:00 AM IST Reached the Domestic Airport and got down first from the aircraft thinking there will be someone from IA to help me out

10:05 AM IST My expectations went for a toss when there is no one from IA to co-ordinate and get my trafsfer.

10:15 AM IST My baggage arrives

10:25 AM IST Without fighting for the bad customer service by IA folks - started to International Terminal in a yellow cab

10:35 AM IST Reached Internation Airport and started waiting in the Q for British Airways Checkin

12:00 AM IST British airways announces a 3 hr delay in departure from Delhi to London

12:05 PM IST Am still waiting in the Q to check in my baggages

12:30 PM IST I checking in successfully but I was informed that I will not be able to catch the connection flight from Heathrow Airport in London

01:00 PM IST Calling my friends and family to inform them saying am done with my checkin

02:00 PM IST Still waiting for the boarding annoucements from Bristish Airways Folks

02:30 PM IST Boarded into BA 256 to London & guess what? This is my first trip on Boeing 747

04:00 PM IST We were served Indian Veg Meal as Lunch on BA

05:00 PM IST Flying over Russia and moved into different time zone

-------------------------> Started Sleeping ...zzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

05:30 PM London Time woke up and witnessed ariel view of London from BA 256 (Guess what already gained 5.5Hrs in my life)

06:00 PM London Time BA 256 flies over London

06:30 PM London Time Landed in Heathrow Airport

07:00 PM London Time; I was asked to board BA 183 from London to New York

08:00 PM London Time BA 183 runs on the busiest runways in the world and takes off to NY

-------------------------> Started Sleeping again after food :-)

12:00 PM NY Time BA 183 Lands on the JFK Airport

12:45 Reached Holiday Inn and realized that I started on 14 Morning and flew for about 25 hours and reached New York at Midnight Same day.

Was Happy that I gained a Day in my Life..................

Wondering what I am doing in New York?

Check it out here



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