Monday, January 01, 2007

HCI Professionals Salary Survey 2006 - India

Conducted by UPA Hyderabad Chapter
Dear Folks,

As we move on to an all NEW 2007, UPA Hyderabad Team Wishes You & Your Family a Very Happy New Year and we are pleased to publish the All India HCI Professionals Salary Survey Report 2006 today.

Please download the PDF version of the report from the following URL:

About This Report
On 14 November 2006 the Hyderabad Chapter of Usability Professionals’ Association surveyed professionals of the user experience field to learn:

--> Who our respondents are
--> How much they are paid
--> Where they work
--> What they do

Overall survey responses
Total number of professionals who visited the salary survey---------580
Respondents who Started the Survey---------183
Respondents who Completed the Survey---------179
Professionals who visited the survey but didnot participate---------397


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Disclaimer: The material appearing on this report is based on data and information from sources we believe to be accurate and reliable. However, the material is not guaranteed as to accuracy nor does it purport to be complete.

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