Tuesday, November 14, 2006

All India Human Computer Interaction(HCI) Design Professionals Salary Survey - 2006

Dear Folks,

On this special occasion of World Usability Day celebrations (14 November 2006) Hyderabad Chapter of the Usability Professionals' Association(
http://www.upahyderabad.org ) is pleased to launch a salary survey of HCI professionals practicing in India.

Yes - You are invited to take part in the India's first Human Computer Interaction Design Professionals Salary Survey for 2006 at this survey link :

UPA Team believes that by taking part you are helping to build a genuinely representative picture of the industry as it stands - whether you are a recent graduate or senior manager.

The survey facts:
- It's anonymous (you won't be asked to identify yourself or your company)
- It's open to all (you don't need to be a member of any group or society to take part)
- It covers the different sectors (private, agency, academic, public-sector)
- It takes just 5 minutes to complete (10 questions)

The survey starts today(14 November 2006) on the eve of World Usability Day celebrations all over India and closes on 30th November 2006. Results will be published on 6 December 2006 with a full report on the UPA Hyderabad Chapter's website. An analysis of the results will be available on popular HCI related Yahoo Groups in India at about the same time.

If you work in India in HCI related field, we request you to take 5 minutes of your time and complete the survey below to make a difference.

Happy World Usability Day Celebrations and Wish You All the Best !!!

On Behalf of UPA Hyderabad Team

Secretary - UPA Hyderabad Chapter


Survey Link :

Please note: The survey participants will be treated anonymous (you won't be asked to identify yourself or your company)

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