Wednesday, June 21, 2006

High-Tea with Dr. Dinesh Katre at Hyderabad

Dr. Dinesh Katre was in Hyderabad and discussed on "Experience of Ph.D. Research in HCI and the Issues Involved" on a high-tea meeting with the local HCI community.

The meeting was hosted by
Cordys and was attended by HCI professionals from companies like CA, Convergys, Cordys, Cognizant, Glansa, Hitha, Kanbay, Microsoft, Oracle, Progress, Satyam, SIT, TCS, and Trina.Dr. Dinesh Katre will be in Hyderabad and holding a high-tea meeting with the local HCI community.

Timing: 5 pm - 7 pmDate: Thursday, 15th June. 2006

Location: Takshilla Conference Hall, 2nd Floor Mariner block, Vanenburg IT Park, Madhapur, Hyderabad.

Venue and Refreshments by : Cordys

The talk was a comprehensive take on the historical background, current trends and future implications of the HCI field.

Dr. Dinesh Katre took us through various aspects of HCI field with witty anecdotes and a fluidity that never let most of us realize the passage of time. At the end of it, it looked like there is still more to be taken.

The CDAC case study regarding teaching village farmers about Watershed management through the use of satellite data and a 3D simulation of village, all in form of a game package, was exciting as well as gave many insights into HCI process.

This was a very practical talk that touched the theory as well as application of HCI in real world context. We do look forward to more such sessions.

An abridged version of the presentation can be downloaded by clicking here

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