Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Most of us start the UCD(User Centered Design) process with the firm belief that users are the ultimate stars, but often we lose that focus overtime. One of the attributes that contribute to failure in meeting the user needs is BIAS in these methods.

I personally experienced this in my past UX assignments where we have to cut short the UCD process or align the recommendations report based on other constraints.

End result ==> Constraints Centered solution rather than User Centered Solution

Here is the list of factors that leads to BIAS in think-aloud and focus group methods?
--> Selection of task
--> Multiple stakeholders
--> Domain Knowledge of the UX practitioner
--> Business objectives
--> Pressured deadlines
--> Selection of users

What else do you think that possibly contributes and creates BIAS in UCD process?

Does this BIAS factor arise because - UX practice is still not at its matured stage in most of the IT companies?"



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