Monday, November 21, 2005

Today I thought of writing about my fav car - Tata Safari! (Shd buy it on coming years)

What I like in this car?

-- Sporty Look & Style
-- Power
-- HUGEness

I see many Politicians(Filthy rich ah!) drving this car than any other segment of users.

Does it fit for city driving in India? May not be in the peak traffic hours. But when it comes to long drives - am sure you can feel the real power!

Pricing - is a bit on the higher side! Mileage is again average! So whatz is the selling point for the makers - yes Its the "Unbeatable style"


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Muthu Online said...

Hey Muthu,

Howz Hyderabad treatin you. Bangalore vanda enaku oru call pannu and welcome to the blogOsphere.